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The MEHTRICS project addresses common bottlenecks in the area of High Throughput (HT)/High Content (HC) cell-based assays and promises innovative solutions ranging from an overall improvement of data quality and significance down to the development of revelant cellular models for both academic research and the pharmaceutical industry.

Mammalian cell-based assays associated with RNAi gene silencing are powerful approaches for analysing the fundamentals of cell physiology and represent crucial models for the development of novel drug compounds.
However, HT/HC screening is plagued today by the lack of relevant cell models as well as highly variable individual cell behaviour and by the need to maximize analysis throughput and overall cost-effectiveness.

The present proposal aims to solve this impasse by combining HT/HC applications of RNAi with an emerging new technology which normalizes cell behaviour, namely the growth of cells on adhesive micropatterns. By growing cells on these substrates whose shape, size, density, molecular composition and orientation can be exquisitely controlled, phenotypic variability of the cell population can be radically reduced. In addition, the increased control that adhesive micropatterns provide over the interactions of cells with their environment and with each other opens up fascinating potential for developing new modelsand assays of disease-relevant processes.

By focusing on enabling technologies, which have a potentially huge impact and where SMEs can play a fundamental role, this research project will give participating partners and Europe a leading edge and has the potential of increasing their competitiveness in the long term.

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